Cocktails & Longdrinks
The! Bar & Lounge high above Leipzig

classic : modern: creative

The! Bar & Lounge high above Leipzig invites with their stylish, international ambience for enjoyment and relaxation. For our drinks, we only use the best spirits and juices. Freshly squeezed orange juice is our standard.
You will find no decorative ” fruit salad ” and no little umbrellas at the glass edge. Our style and main Focus in the Bar & Lounge is on the flavour and essence, the quality , concentrated. Enjoy classics and our own creations with a sensational view to Leipzig.

Here is an excerpt of the latest creations of our barman Nils Wimberger:

Touch of India:
Lemongrass : Purple Curry : Buldog Gin Blue Curacao : Cranberry Nectar: Tonic Water

The “Touch of India ” is a fresh, fruity, tart cocktail, which reflects the exoticism of India.
Its freshness is presented through lemon and cranberry nectar gives him a slight fruity acidity. The purple Curry gives the exotic flavours .
– Extraordinary and mysterious –

Bloody Snow:
Bols Yoghurt Liqueur : liqueur stollen : currant liqueur
Williams Christ Pear – Van Nahmen : Lime juice

“Bloody Snow” is a strong, sweet cocktail, topped off with a little spice and acidity. The yogurt liqueur gives suppleness so it is not too sweet and heavy.
-The perfect after -dinner drink , not only in the Christmas season.-

Böhser Onkel:
Monkey Shoulder Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
white cane sugar : Angostura : Forest Blueberry Nectar : champagne

The “Böhser Onkel” is the FALCO – version of a classic Prince of Wales. Also served in silver goblets , he presents the symbolic power of cocktails. The whiskey brings a slight smokiness and vanilla caramel flavors into play. Along with the dark fruit and spicy Angostura, it triggers a spectacular experience in the mouth. The champagne completes everything through sparkling.
– not only for men –

Frambozen Princess:
Aperol : Angostura : rhubarb nectar Van Nahmen
white cane sugar : champagne

With the “Frambozen Princess” we select our female guests to princess. A fresh, fruity cocktail that is served magnificently in silver cups. Rhubarb is in the spotlight and gets a subtle bitterness of the Aperol. Sugar and Angostura bring sweetness and spice , the champagne topping is the pure elegance.
– not only for women –

Of course we offer in addition to these and other creations the popular and well-known classic cocktails.