Peter Maria Schnurr
The! Chef

Peter Maria Schnurr is the FALCO and the FALCO is Peter Maria Schnurr.
Where he cooks? No, he resided in Leipzig between the 26th floor and the sky.
His word is law, his language is the imagination.
He is loud, direct and uninhibited. A chef with passion and discipline, but especially with strength.
So are his creations. His scale is not the gastronomic mediocrity, but the dance between the worlds.
Who’s Schnurr? In the 27th floor, just before the heaven, he is (almost) God.

After stages in some of Germany’s best restaurants Peter Maria Schnurr became patron and head chef at the FALCO in May 2005.
Peter Maria Schnurr – the PerfectionistUnder his guidance, and for the first time, in less than three and a half years the restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars, the only restaurant in the new provinces. In FALCO Schnurr has found his culinary bastion:

“This atmosphere, this view, this team, this kitchen,” says the passionate perfectionist, “here it is all about input, precision and quality without compromise – in all areas of the restaurant. I want 100 percent from everyone and everybody – or nothing at all.“

classically qualified
None joins
He went his way & and goes it until today


Berlin Capital Club, Berlin
– Members only –

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